Top Quality Education. International Certification.

All our courses are accredited by the International Council for Online Educational Standards - - (accreditation number ICOES/00763/13/41). This gives our students assurance that our courses meet the highest standards for online education.

ICOES is the accrediting body responsible for establishing, maintaining and improving the educational standards of online teaching institutions. Your ICOES certificate allows you to prove to employers, colleagues and customers that your course is from a well run, ethical institution that meets the highest standards in online education.

The need for professionals to practice Continuing Professional Development (CPD) / Continuing Education (CE) in order to remain in their profession or to develop to the next steps in their careers is increasing each year. Awareness is widening on the importance of expanding the knowledge and taking a more proactive approach on the development and enhancement of professional abilities.

The key to progressing in one's career is to take a course that offers recognized CPD points upon course completion. CPD shows a clear commitment to self-development and professionalism.

We offer recognized CPD/CE points in some of our IOA courses. You will find the CPD logo on the course description pages.