Events Choosing the Right Space for a Corporate Event
Space for Corporate Event


Choosing the Right Space for a Corporate Event

How to Choose the Best Space for Your Corporate Event

Choosing the appropriate space for a corporate event is the cornerstone of making sure your event is successful. The location you choose can either make the other factors of your event fall into place or it can provide hours of extra work.

Over time, most people start to establish a sense of what a desirable venue might be for certain events, but even when you have a good instinct, you always need to follow your ideas up with good research. The following article is a guide for considering spaces for a corporate event. This guide presents some of the main methods for choosing the best space for an event as well as questions to ask yourself before you sign any agreements.

Space for Corporate Event


Always choose a venue after you’ve finalized your budget. This will prevent you from booking an event venue which falls outside of your budget and also keeps you from having to scrimp and save on other factors like catering. There’s nothing worse than a dry sandwich inside a beautiful ballroom or vice versa.


Research is essential when you are looking for a good corporate event space. However, it’s not enough to view the venue’s website and ask for a list of services or quotes. If you’re working on an event which is taking place locally, you should visit the venue at least once. You’d be surprised at how different some venues are in photos than they are in person.

This will also give you a chance to meet with the venue manager. A venue manager can be your key asset or your worst enemy. By building a relationship with the manager, you’ll become more than just another enquiry email. Visiting the venue and establishing rapport with the manager can make the next stages of planning much easier.

Space for Corporate Event


For every event you plan, you need to consider the location of the venue. The location will usually depend on the client’s needs; however, the other details of the event will factor into the location decision as well.

It can be easy to discover a great location but it is rare that you will find an option that has no flaws. For example, if you choose a serene and private venue in the countryside, you will need to deal with getting all of the attendees to the venue. At the same time, if you choose an event space in a large city, you will have to deal with parking issues. Unless you find your venue at the end of a rainbow, there will usually be unexpected details to work. Don’t let these flaws put you off of finding the right location, just come prepared and understand that sometimes it takes a little work to find the right location.


The size of a venue is incredibly important. The size of the venue you choose will usually depend uponthe number of guests attending the event as well as the activities taking place during the day. You don’t want to book a venue that is too big or too small. There are occasions when you are accommodating an awkward number of guests with specific venue requirements and you can’t find a space that will suit the event. In these cases, it is better to go with a venue that is a little too big. You can change a space to make it feel cozier but a room that is too small will usually present problems that cannot be solved.

Space for Corporate Event

The type of event you’re planning will directly impact the type of venue you hire. If the event is a conference, you’ll want the venue to be able to handle the requirements of a conference. This will include small rooms, large halls and a communal area for group events. You should always consider the type of event before you begin to look at different venues. This will prevent you from finding a venue that you love but will just not work for the event you’re planning.


The amenities that a venues offer will vary greatly. Some venues will simply offer you their space to rent and leave you to figure out the rest. Other venues will have a tight grip on their space and will request that you use their caterers and other suppliers in order to use the space.

You will also need to consider the kind of technology available in the venue. If the event is going to be a meeting or conference, you will want to look for a venue that has all the appropriate equipment built in. Ideally, you will look for a venue manager who is proactive enough to be on site while the event is taking place. Having someone around who is familiar with the local audio and visual systems can be a real asset when someone inevitably can’t work the projector.

Space for Corporate Event

The company culture of the client should always be taken into consideration when you’re planning their event. You’ll probably get a sense of the culture of the organization after a few meetings and they may even describe it to you during the initial planning stages of the event. If you don’t feel like you have a good understanding, simply ask them for a brief description. Understanding your client can save you a lot of awkwardness later.

The hunt for the perfect venue can be very exciting, especially when you think you have found the right space. By considering the type of event, the location of the venue and the number of people in attendance, you’ll find it easier to decide upon the right venue for your next event.

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