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Wedding Planning Business


What’s in a Brand: The Importance of Brand Power in Your Wedding Planning Business

The Importance of Brand Power in Your Wedding Planning Business

Your brand is one of the most powerful tools that you have when you start your own wedding planning business. When many people think about their brand, they think of their logo and the other aspects of their visual marketing scheme. However, your brand is much more than the sum of your marketing efforts.

Your brand is a reflection of the services you provide, the way your customers perceive you and the philosophy behind your business. The development of your brand goes beyond designing a logo or choosing a font for your print marketing. It incorporates the work you do on your own, with clients and with other vendors.

Wedding Planning Business

Your brand is the ethos behind your entire business and as such, it can attract the kind of customers that you want to work for. When you build a great brand, you’ll build what’s called brand equity. This brand equity will work hard for your business by making your company memorable and demonstrating that your service is a valuable one. Developing a brand takes time and thoughtfulness. Here are just a few things to think about when you think when you are creating your brand:

The ‘What’ and The ‘How’

Many people already know that a company’s brand should tell the world what it does. But what many don’t realize is that a brand should also speak about how a company provides its service.

In your wedding planning business, your brand should say to a customer that you plan weddings. The ‘what’ of your business needs to be immediately obvious for your brand to be powerful. In order for your brand to become memorable, your brand also needs to say how you plan weddings. The ‘how’ of your business is there to make your company stand out to the right market.

If you don’t yet know your ‘how’, think about all of the things that make your business unique. Think especially hard about the way that you plan weddings. Do you create lasting memories on a shoestring budget? Or are you able to make fairy tales come true by bringing together luxurious details? Asking and answering questions like these will put you on the path to understanding your ‘how’.

Wedding Planning Business

A Voice for Your Business

Your brand will speak for your business when you cannot. In the age of the Internet, people can fall in love with a business, product or service that they have never seen or experienced in real life based solely on the brand. By creating a voice for your business, you can speak to customers in a coherent way that represents your brand.

If you run a formal business with a professional emphasis, you might use a formal tone of voice in your writing and marketing. If you run a more relaxed wedding planning business, you might consider using a friendly and more conversational tone of voice. Regardless of what kind of business you run, you should make sure that the voice is authentically yours. Staying true to yourself and your brand will speak volumes to customers.

‘Brides’ Is Not Enough

If you’re ready to start your own business, you’ve probably had enough experience in the field to know what kind of business you want to run. Whether you want to specialize in high-end weddings, budget weddings, alternative weddings or weddings that take place solely on the center mound of a baseball diamond, you should have an understanding of the service that you want to bring to the market. It’s not enough to tell a potential customer that you ‘plan weddings for brides’.

You need to tell them what kind of wedding you can plan. This is where your branding comes in. The combination of your visual marketing and your business philosophy will attract the kind of customers that you want to serve. Whatever kind of service you provide; you should think about ways that you can bring it to life through your brand. To see how alternative wedding blogger Kat Williams has successfully branded her business, have a read through her posts on Rock n Roll Bride.

Wedding Planning Business

Stay True to Your Brand

Branding is a fantastic tool for small and large business. Not only does it speak to customers but it gives you, the business owner, an opportunity to really dwell on what kind of company you want to be. You brand makes a promise to customers that you will deliver exactly what your brand says you will.

Delivering on the promises your brand makes is a key part of branding because it provides your business with consistency. Consistency is one of the most important parts of branding because your customers want to know what they can expect from you. What if every time you ordered a latte at your favorite coffee shop, it came out differently? Sometimes the latte is great, sometimes it’s average, sometimes it is just bad. Would you continue to spend money on coffee at a place that will randomly serve you a poor quality product? Probably not. Staying true to your brand will help you provide a service that your customers can rely on.

Wedding Planning Business

The Power of the Rebrand

If you want to change up your services or branch out, you will need to rebrand. Rebranding is the best way to let your customers know that your business is evolving into something new. Rebranding can let your customers know that you still perform all of the same functions you did before but with a few improvements. It can also let your customers know if you have moved on and are now approaching a new demographic.

Your brand is the heart and soul of your business. The power of your brand can take you from being another fish in a sea of wedding planners to becoming the iconic brand that sets the bar for the whole industry. By using your unique voice to tell your customers what makes your business special, you can build a brand that will be memorable and instill positive emotions in your clients.

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