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This website is owned and run by North Royal Training Limited. By consenting to purchase any course, service, or product from eventtrix.com, or by using this site in any way, you agree to these terms and conditions: 
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 While we do our utmost to ensure the quality of the content compiled on this site, North Royal Training Limited does not guarantee 100% accuracy, suitability or completeness of the information provided on this site. Neither do we 100% guarantee the efficiency of materials suggested. We exclude any liability for inaccuracies or errors in any content on this site. The material throughout the site is subject to change at any time, without notice to users. It is the user’s responsibility to assess the suitability of content or information provided by North Royal Training Limited and use of any information and material on the site is entirely at the risk of the user. Any links posted on hollyandhugo.com are for the additional benefit of the user, and any content leading from these links is not the responsibility of North Royal Training Limited. The creation of links from eventtrix.com to any other website is forbidden.
Online Courses 

All courses are available online, and there are no additional costs involved in completing the course. Courses must be paid for in full before the course can be started. All online courses, material, tasks, and certificates are accessed through the EventTrix Virtual Campus. Course must be activated within 12 months of registration on our website. Each course is valid for 60 days from the date of course activation. Courses must be completed 100% (all pages saved), and a minimum score of 55% per Module is required in order to successfully complete the course and obtain a certificate. If a Module is failed, there is one free resit per exam task until such time as a 55% score is achieved. Upon successful course completion, EventTrix will issue a certificate in PDF format to be used as proof of completion for employment and school.  


All of our courses are accredited by the International Council for Online Educational Standards (www.icoes.org). ICOES is the international accrediting body responsible for establishing, maintaining and improving the educational standards of online teaching institutions. This gives our students assurance that our courses meet the highest standards for online education. 

 On successful course completion, students also have the option to order an ICOES Certificate (verification, printing and postage fees apply). 

 We are a recognized member of The CPD Certification Service (www.cpduk.co.uk), meaning that some of our courses are approved for continued professional development (CPD/CE points). You will be able to find the CPD seal on page description for all the CPD accredited courses.  

Lifetime Access 

Lifetime access is defined as access for courses as longs as North Royal Training Limited operates. Customer will not be charged additional fees for access to courses which were available at the time of the purchase.


Students may elect to purchase supplemental materials and resources to enhance their studies and experience. These include, and are not limited to: 

*  Hard Copy Certificates issued directly by ICOES 

* PDF and/or Hard Copy of Letters and Result Transcript related to the course taken 

* Course eBooks 

* Toolkits 

* Course extensions 

* Subscriptions to course material 

* These additional products are not obligatory, and are not a mandatory requirement for completing a course

* Due to their instantaneous nature, the following purchases are non-refundable: Proof of Completion Letter, Proof of Enrollment Letter, Results Transcript, Course Ebooks and Toolkits 

* Extensions are applied automatically to students account immediately on completion of the registration page. ICOES certificate, Letter of Completion (and, if applicable, Results Transcript) are issued on successful completion of the course, and after they have been requested by the student.

Student Responsibility 

By purchasing EventTrix products and agreeing to EventTrix terms of services, students agree to conduct themselves in accordance with all EventTrix terms, codes of conduct, and ethical practices. These include, and are not limited to, abiding by laws relating to privacy, intellectual property, security, and fraud, as well as respecting codes of conduct prohibiting harassment and discrimination. If a student is found to be in violation of any of these terms, codes, or laws, EventTrix has the right to immediately terminate their account and suspend access to courses, subscription, products, and services. Depending on the nature of the violation, EventTrix may pursue legal action where criminal offenses or grave misconduct has occurred. 

 By becoming customers and students of EventTrix, individuals agree: 

* To uphold the laws of the jurisdiction where EventTrix operates (Irish law), and where EventTrix services are used (the student’s regional laws) 

* Not to discriminate, harass, intimidate, or abuse any students or staff members 

* Not to engage in discriminatory behavior related to a person’s age, sex, gender, race, orientation, religion, size, ethnicity, or cultural practices. The EventTrix community is global and diverse. We promote inclusion of all individuals, and we strive to make EventTrix a safe and comfortable place for all to learn, share, and grow

* Not to post or share any content that is obscene, defamatory, profane, pornographic, offensive, or inflammatory on any EventTrix property, including social media pages and emails. Not to post copyrighted content that is not owned by the student, and that the student does not have permission to post, on any EventTrix property (including social media pages and emails) 

* Not to create multiple accounts for the purpose of contest entries, to inflate voting, or with the intent to spam 

* Not to advertise products, services, or pages on any EventTrix property, or solicit EventTrix students with intent to sell services or products, unless consent is requested and approval granted by EventTrix staff 

* To provide complete and accurate account and payment information when purchasing any EventTrix products or services, including courses, subscriptions, supplementary materials, etc. By submitting payment details, the student confirms they have permission to use those details for this purpose. If EventTrix does not receive payment authorization, or if authorization is cancelled by the payment provider, we have the right to immediately terminate or suspend access to courses, subscriptions, or products. In suspicious circumstances, we may contact the issuing bank/payment provider and/or law enforcement authorities or other appropriate third parties

Governing Law and Jurisdiction 
These terms and conditions are governed by Irish law. Upon becoming an EventTrix student and purchasing any EventTrix products, students agree to submit to jurisdiction of Irish law, and understand that any disputes will be resolved in accordance with Ireland’s legal system and in an Irish court (should litigation occur).  
Upon registration with North Royal Training Limited, students agree to receive occasional emails from our marketing team. These include, but are not limited to, notifications of sales and promotions, coupons and offers, notifications of new courses, products, and features, notices of contests and giveaways, results of contests and giveaways, etc. Students have the option to unsubscribe from marketing emails at any time, and this information and corresponding directions are made clearly visible on all email communication. Once a student elects to unsubscribe, they will no longer receive marketing emails unless they re-subscribe (following a short period for our system to process the request and update the student’s preferences). Students may still receive important communication from the EventTrix customer support team. 
 In addition, students agree to receive communication from our customer support team relevant to their account use and overall student experience. These include, but are not limited to, important updates related to user security, technical glitches, and system functions, responses to student inquiries, reminders of expirations related to courses, subscriptions, or other products, notices of holiday hours, and occasional checks to ensure the student is satisfied (can be in the form of an email or survey). Customer support is available via email or phone calls, and preferred method of contact is to the student’s discretion. 
 All EventTrix student communication is conducted in accordance with Irish law, as well as the student’s legal jurisdiction and laws of that region. EventTrix does not engage in frivolous emails, phone calls, or solicitation of any kind, nor do we engage in spam. All communication sent by us is done with the intent to improve the user experience, relay important information, and keep students abreast of our new developments.
Privacy Policy 
Safeguarding student privacy and the security of personal information is important to us. Our server is fully secure at all times, and we take all available measures to ensure that confidential information entrusted to us remains private and intact. We will never sell personal information, or any information that can be linked to a student, to any third-party marketers or solicitors. All student information will be used in accordance with EventTrix’s Privacy Policy, and in compliance with the laws of the governing jurisdiction.  
User Data 
When users visit and interact with our site, we collect two types of information: personal data and non-personal data. Personal data is typically recorded when users apply for a course or purchase a product. More detailed personal information may be recorded through participation by users in surveys, promotions, offers, queries, requests for information or forums. Non-personal data is information that is not connected with identity, and routinely gathered through the tracking of statistics and analysis of the traffic to our site and interest shown while visiting our site. We guarantee that we protect all information recorded, either personal or non-personal using stringent security measures and industry best practices. Any information collected by us is used for the sole purpose of improving EventTrix services, products, and overall student experience. By visiting our website with cookies enabled, you agree to the use of cookies to help manage your preferences.  
Financial Security 
We recognize the importance of your security when using our site for commercial transactions. When a payment is made to us, every step is taken to protect the information provided, including card/bank details and personal contact information. EventTrix does not collect or store any payment details, i.e. credit or debit card details. All payment transactions are securely done through Paypal or Stripe, our payment gateways. We continually review and update our payment systems to ensure security technology is up to date. By using eventtrix.com, you consent to our terms and conditions, and to the recording of personal and non-personal information to be used exclusively by EventTrix. If you would like any additional information about eventtrix.com’s privacy or security policies, contact us.
Refund Policy 
If, for any reason, you are not happy with the course, service, or product you have purchased from the EventTrix site, you are entitled to a full refund within 14 days of purchase. The 14 day refund period applies from date of purchase, and not from date of registration or date of course activation. If a course, product, or service was purchased or part-purchased through a third party, or using a voucher issued by a third party, you must contact the issuer directly to enquire about their refund policy. Registration Upgrade Packages are refundable within 14 days, provided no downloadable materials included in the package are available in the student account at the time of refund request.
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